TANG Bingxue,BAI Xiaoling,JIANG Hui,et al.Assessment Tools of the Readiness for Hospital Discharge: A Scoping Review[J].Nursing Journal Of Chinese People's Laberation Army,2023,40(10):75.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.2097-1826.2023.10.018]





Assessment Tools of the Readiness for Hospital Discharge: A Scoping Review
(1.遵义医科大学 护理学院,贵州 遵义 563000; 2.贵州护理职业技术学院 院长办公室,贵州 贵阳 550025; 3.普定县人民医院 护理部; 4.贵州中医药大学 护理学院)
TANG Bingxue1BAI Xiaoling2JIANG Hui1JIANG Xue3NIU Yutian4
(1.School of Nursing,Zunyi Medical University,Zunyi 563000,Guizhou Province,China; 2.Department of Dean,Guizhou Nursing Vocational College,Guiyang 550025,Guizhou Province,China; 3.School of Nursing,Puding County People's Hospital,Zunyi 562100,Guizhou Province,China; 4.School of Nursing,Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Guiyang 550002,Guizhou Province,China)
出院准备度 工具 范围综述
readiness for hospital discharge tool scoping review
目的 综合分析国内外出院准备度评估工具,为国内患者出院准备度评估提供参考。方法 根据范围综述研究方法,检索PubMed、Web of Science、中国知网、万方、维普等国内外数据库中有关出院准备度评估工具的研究,检索时限为建库至2022年06月30日。结果 共纳入31篇符合纳入标准的文献,包含25种出院准备度评估工具,评估内容以患者个人状态、相关疾病知识掌握程度为主,评分方式以Likert评分为主,评估方式有主观自评、客观他评及两者相结合3种。结论 出院准备度评估工具种类较多,但质量参差不齐。建议国内学者可借鉴并结合我国实际情况编制评估工具,以早期准确识别出院准备不足患者。
Objective To analyse domestic and foreign assessment tools of the readiness for hospital discharge(RHD),and to provide a reference for the assessment of RHD of domestic patients.Methods According to the scoping review research method,PubMed,Web of Science,CNKI,Wanfang,VIP and other domestic and foreign databases were searched for studies on RHD assessment tools.The search time was from the inception to June 30,2022.Results A total of 31 articles were included,with 25 RHD assessment tools.The evaluation content was based on the patient's personal status and the mastery of related disease knowledge.The scoring method was mainly Likert score,and the evaluation methods included subjective self-evaluation,objective peer evaluation and the combination of the two.Conclusion There are many RHD assessment tools,with varying qualities.It is suggested that domestic scholars can draw lessons from studies and compile assessment tools in combination with the real situation in China,so as to identify patients with inadequate discharge preparation early and accurately.


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