SHI Jiyuan,LUO Jiayin,WANG Xuelian,et al.Research Hotspots and Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing at Home and Abroad[J].Nursing Journal Of Chinese People's Laberation Army,2023,40(07):16-19.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.2097-1826.2023.07.004]





Research Hotspots and Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing at Home and Abroad
(1.中国医学科学院北京协和医学院 护理学院,北京 100044; 2.国家老年医学中心北京医院 血管外科,北京 100044; 3.国家老年医学中心北京医院 护理部; 4.兰州大学 循证医学中心,甘肃 兰州 730000; 5.麦克马斯特大学 卫生研究方法证据与影响力系,加拿大 汉密尔顿 L8S4L8)
SHI Jiyuan1LUO Jiayin2WANG Xuelian3GAO Ya45TIAN Jinhui4LI Zheng1
(1.School of Nursing,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,Peking Union Medical College,Beijing 100044,China; 2.Department of Vascular Surgery,National Center of Gerontology,Beijing Hospital,Beijing 100044,China; 3.Department of Nursing,National Center of Gerontology,Beijing Hospital; 4.Evidence-Based Medicine Center,Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,Gansu Province,China; 5.Department of Health Research Methods,Evidence and Impact,McMaster University,Hamilton,L8S4L8,Canada)
人工智能 护理 文献计量学
artificial intelligence nursing bibliometrics
目的 分析国内外护理领域人工智能(artificial intelligence,AI)研究的热点和前沿,以期为我国相关研究的开展提供参考和支持。方法 系统检索Web of Science和中国知网数据库获取2002-2022年发表的AI护理研究和相关信息,并使用VOSviewer 1.6.17和Cite Space 5.8.R3软件进行可视化分析。结果 共检索到12 896篇相关论文,筛选后获得427篇护理领域相关的AI英文研究和179篇中文研究,英文研究热点为疾病风险预测、护理决策、护理管理、护理信息处理和护理诊断,中文研究热点为疾病风险预测、护理决策、护理信息处理和护理机器人的开发与应用。机器学习是近年来AI在护理领域最前沿、最热门的分支之一。结论 今后的护理AI研究应加强跨学科和国际间合作,拓展AI技术在护理领域的应用范围,提供更多高质量证据。
Objective To analyze the research hotspots and frontiers of artificial intelligence in nursing at home and abroad,so as to provide references and support for the development of relevant research in China.Methods The databases of Web of Science and CNKI were systematically searched for research and relevant information on artificial intelligence in nursing,which were published between 2002 and 2022.The softwares of VOSviewer 1.6.17 and Cite Space 5.8.R3 were used to conduct visualized analysis.Results A total of 12896 relevant articles were obtained,and 427 English articles and 179 Chinese articles on artificial intelligence in nursing were included after screening.Research hotspots of English articles focused on disease risk prediction,nursing decision-making,nursing management,nursing information processing and nursing diagnosis.Research hotspots of Chinese articles focused on disease risk prediction,nursing decision-making,nursing information processing and the development and application of nursing robots.Machine learning was one of the most advanced and popular branches of artificial intelligence in nursing in recent years.Conclusions Future research on artificial intelligence in nursing should strengthen interdisciplinary and international cooperation,further expand the application scope of artificial intelligence technology in nursing,and provide more high-quality evidence.


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